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Leading the Real Estate Development Industry in one of the hottest investment property destinations in the world, namely Protaras, Cyprus, is not a trifle. Sweet Home Real Estates has managed to the single most successful and prolific Real Estate development firm in Protaras Area, and this article is designed to prove it for you, as well as present to you what to expect from us in the near future.

Indeed, Sweet Home Real Estates is the sole Real Estate Developer with several ongoing estate projects in the centre of Protaras

What we have done here is divide our development project into completed and pending, as well as mention a few details about their location, number of units involved in each project and state of availability for investors, as well as their scheduled delivery date.  


Projects Completed or Pending Completion Within 2018

The White Pearl Residences

white property

Justifying its impressive name, this genuinely fantastic development was situated in the heart of Kapparis, which is the tourist resort closest to Paralimni, encompassing 8 top-notch detached 3-bedroom villas, featuring a genuinely inimitable contemporary design and layout.

Kapparis is famed for its majestic coastline, offering enchanting views of the Mediterranean Sea unfolding ahead. Combined with the top construction quality of the residences, it probably helped in having already sold all of its units before even being complete by the end of 2017.


The Nissi Pearl

Another amazing project in Ayia Napa’s crowning jewel, the Nissi beach, the NISSI PEARL Residences boasts unparalleled luxury, prime location, exquisite style and… zero availability, since all its 5 units are already sold to foreign investors, in spite of the fact that its completion is anticipated sometime within the year.


Projects Expected to be Complete in 2019

The Blue Pearl Residences

Standing as an exceptional opportunity to amalgamate so harmonically action and genuine serenity, since it is located just metres away from Protaras’ vibrant centre minus the commotion of actually living there, the Blue Pearl Residences dominates Cyprus’ most popular touristic destinations, offering an array of recreation options catering for people of all, fancies and whims, but oriented mostly towards families coveting a sunny, tranquil summer escape.

The Blue Pearl stands out in the recently constructed and landscaped seafront promenade linking Protaras to the sought after area of Pernera, offering mesmerising views of the rugged shoreline, along with prompt access to the golden beaches of the area.

Encompassing 215 units and being already sold by 65%, the Blue Pearl is an investment opportunity that does not forgive wavering.


The Olivine Pearl

olive property

OLIVINE Residences, a number of 27 elite 3- and 4-bedroom villas characterised by top-notch construction specifications and materials and a design integrating all contemporary demands for comfort, luxury and protection of privacy, it is will rise above the Protaras central coastline within the next year, dwarfing any similar projects in the area. 

Let it be noted that already 65% of the development is already purchased by perceptive investors that see the potential not just of the project, but of the area itself.



A far smaller project than the rest described in our list, Colours consists of 5 luxurious detached 3-bedroom villas, with optional basements and 2 extra bedrooms. Featuring an unusually spacious open layout for the area of Protaras, the project takes pride in its landscaped garden, private pool, and covered parking space.

Its interior immediately impresses with its sleek and stylish kitchen and island/breakfast bar. Finally, the Roof Gardens offer unmatched views of the surrounding natural beauty. Again, news releases of this upcoming wonder have already lured investors, and all its units are already purchased.


Projects that Will Be Delivered n 2019 & 2020

Though they have just recently been announced, these projects have already caught the eye of investors from abroad, and the best thing about them is their full availability since construction works have only just begun and are expected to end in 2019 for the first two, and in 2020 for the last one.

A few words for each one might stir up your interest too and motivate you, since, as you probably saw, units are sold in a blink of an eye!

Vie Bleu: a medium-sized development, encompassing 10 3-bedroom residences in the heart of the resort.

New Project 1

Royal Pearl: a development is encompassing 9 luxurious 3-bedroom villas, within the resort and very close to the seafront.


Lush Residences: a much bigger project (namely 15 villas), overlooking the central shore of Protaras.


Sweet Home Estates has invested all its efforts in offering property buyers the very best of Protaras, by building edifices that match the area’s stunning physical beauty.

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