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Undeniable, Protaras’ winning card and crowning jewel as a summer destination is its sublime shoreline.

Since you apparently deem beaches as the most treasured trait of a summer site, let us beguile your mind and excite your imagination with a short presentation of the hottest beaches in the Protaras area.


  • The Fig Tree Bay
Fig Tree Bay

The famed Fig Tree Bay is by far the most popular shore in the areas. Named after a lonely fig tree strangely close to the sea, the beach boasts light golden sand and vibrant ambience, offering all possible amenities, including restaurants, clubs, bars, and cafeterias. The crystal clear, azure coloured waters attract visitors from every corner of the earth, especially youngsters and families.

Designated as one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe, the Fig Tree Bay is awarded the Blue Flag both for its exceptional waters and available amenities.  


  • The Louma Beach

Quite close to the central road connecting Protaras and the Pernera district, the Louma beach is a drop of heaven, with its fine sandy apparel and emerald waters.  


  • The Vrisi Beach I

Flooded with ardent swimmers during the high season, this gorgeous shore boasts crystal clear, shallow waters that are ideal for families with small children.


  • The Kapparis Beach

Very close to the homonymous resort and the Protaras central strip, the sandy shore of Kapparis turns into a magnet of tourists and locals every summer. Note that it is no more than a 60-minute drive from the International Airport of Larnaca.


  • The Vrisi Beach III

Surrounded by hotels, restaurants and bars, the Vrisi beach III has everything a family may need for a full day out by the beach.  


  • The Nausica Beach in the Fig Tree Bay

Adorning the southern shoreline of the Protaras resort, the Nausica Beach stands out with its picturesque piers, popular to swimmers that love high dives to crystal emerald waters.


  • The Vrysoudia Beach

Vrysoudia is the name of a quaint little beach stretching right in the middle of the route between the Louma and Ayia Triada beaches. Its charming cove amphitheatrically circling the shore and round pebble stoned wave-line makes it ideal for swimmers that would like to avoid sand sticking sunbathing.  


  • The Agia Triada Beach

Another rather popular option among foreign visitors, the Agia Triada beach is a genuine summertime gem, breathing romanticism and serenity, with its charming fishing harbour.


  • The Pernera Beach

Pernera is the most sought after coastal resort in the area, renowned for its secluded shore and tranquil landscaper.


  • The Glifades & Nisia Beaches

Ideal for those among you who prefer seclusion to throngs of swimmers and sunbathers, the Glifades and Nisia Beaches are also perfect for lovely romantic sunset picnics for romantic couples.  


  • The Green Bay

The Green Bay is rightly considered for children that wish to learn how to swim and divers that take their first steps in snorkelling or scuba diving. Its near-shore waters are nice and shallow, but a few metres out in the open deepen and reveal a truly sublime sunbed and an abundant marine life, teaming with wrasses, breams, and inquisitive octopuses.


  • The Sirena Beach

Small and quiet, the Sirena beach is actually a thin strip of shore beside the road connecting Protaras and Agia Napa. The site is also perfect for delicious lunches and dinners by the sea.  


  • The Skoutari Beach

Not far off the Kapparis resort, Skoutari is just perfect for people valuing relaxation over socialising.


  • The Xistaria Beach

Closing, the Xistaria bay is a charming little quaint shore with rocky formations and trees engulfing the crystal blue waters.

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