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Below you will find 10 of the most important of them.

There is scarcely a person on earth that feels uncomfortable near the sea; in fact, there is scarcely a person who does not seek to live by it, regardless of whether he ever comes to realise this wish.

Have you ever wondered why? Scientists have claimed that the sound of the sea unconsciously reminds us of the sounds we heard while in our mother’s womb and stress the fact that the first months of our existence we were surrounded by liquid.

Amazing though they may be, these observations are just part of the story. The other half has to do with the fact that life by the sea affords tremendous benefits to our physical and mental health.

Below you will find 10 of the most important of them.


  1. Plenty of Sunlight – Plenty of Energy

Sunlight is one of the most important sources of energy for our body – and seaside environments abound in it.

Several studies have shown that when the sun’s warm rays reach our skin trigger the production of endorphins, substances that help us relax and appease stress.

plenty of sunlight

  1. Best Air in the Planet

Shorelines provide us with the best air quality in the planet, rich in oxygen, our body’s main fuel, necessary for our cell’s nurture, and iodine. The sea air also has a high concentricity of negative ions, which expedite and facilitate oxygen absorption in our bodily tissues.

This is why people living by the sea always seem healthier and younger than their age.


  1. Fights Skin Maladies

The sea is considered by dermatologists an excellent way to fight several skin maladies, such as psoriasis. Why?

Sunlight is gain crucial in this process. Its ultraviolet light heightens the skin flaking and helps it heal and replace its worn tissue with new, healthy cells. In addition to that, sea water is known to fight off certain types of dermatitis, as well as expedite skin recovery by cleansing it deeply and drying out injuries and wounds.


  1. Rich in Vitamin D

Vitamin D is of vital importance for the function of our immune system. Having plenty of it strengthens our bodily defence and reduces the risk of developing a large number of diseases of all kinds.

Of course, the only way our body can get vitamin D is through exposure to sunlight – and coasts are the best sites to do that.

rich vitamin d

  1. Your Personal Beautician

Water can do wonders for your skin and overall good looks, and swimming is an excellent way of cleaning your skin pores deeply, hydrating it your skin and maximise blood circulation. A combo of the three will make your face look prettier day by day.

So, living by the sea will make it the best personal beautician you will ever get!


  1. The Same with your Hair!

Skin and hair health go together, and what benefits the one does the same to the other.

Bathing in the sea soaks your hair with nature’s best shampoo, which oils the hair, helping the scalp get rid of any dirt or impurities, as well as chemical substances.


  1. Alleviates Stress and Anxiety

Scientists still try to find out why sea sounds have such a relaxing effect on us. Whether they find it or not, the fact remains that sea sights and noises chase off stress and alleviate anxiety.

alleviates stress inner

  1. It Makes us more Creative

Several scientists, especially in the last decade, have claimed that visual and audio contact with the ocean boosts human creativity. This is possibly linked with the previous point since creativity and relaxation go hand by hand.


  1. Helps Night Rest

As you have probably noticed, our last three points are closely interlinked. The sound of waves gently fading or heavily smashing against the shore – either one has the same effect for that matter – help us relax and enjoy a deeper night sleep. According to some experts, this happens because land temperatures in coastal environments drop significantly during the night, while the sea absorbs heat. These developments, in some mysterious way, help our body sleep faster and more deeply.


  1. It is also your Personal Trainer

Have you ever noticed how much less obese people live by the sea?

Whatever your likes and dislikes may be regarding sports, living by the sea will get you active, one way or the other. Shore paths and sand, the blue or emerald water, the sea breeze, all join together and force you out of the couch, either for water sports, like swimming and kayaking, to land activities, like walking, biking, or jogging.

water sports

Result? Less fat, better health, greater life!

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