A British couple is designated as the ‘Ambassadors of the Tourism of Ayia Napa,’ after visiting the area at least twenty times in their lifetime!

It is true! A couple of British that have literally fallen in love with the beauties and charms of Ayia Napa and its stunning beaches was selected by the local authorities as the town’s official tourism ambassadors! Their insignia of accreditation? Proof they have visited the island no less than twenty times – till now.

The Municipality of Ayia Napa has issued a written announcement announcing its decision, wherein it also states the reason behind it.

According to the announcement, this British couple, namely Michael και Sophie Kay, were honoured with the emblem of the Tourist Ambassador of Ayia Napa and a commemorative plate, having visited the area in 20 different occasions.

The ceremony took place on Friday 20th, 2018 and was attended by numerous local officials, as well as the couple’s two children, Poppy and Dexter.

While giving the plate to the couple, Maria Tophini, Cultural Functionary of the Municipality of Ayia Napa, thanked them on behalf of the people of the area for their returned visits and for being among Ayia Napa’s most loyal and passionate friends and advertisers in the United Kingdom.

She also added that their proven love for the town is a paradigm to be followed, promoting Ayia Napa abroad as an excellent tourist destination. Ending her short speech, Mrs Tophini emphasised that, with this award, the Kays are henceforth included to the large family of friends of Ayia Napa.


Have You Ever thought ‘Why?’

Indeed, have you ever wondered why so many couples, families and travelling buffs are so fascinated with Ayia Napa and speak so highly of its beauty and daily life? Surely, being able to travel all around the world but, instead, opting to visit the same place, again and again, says something about it, doesn’t it?

Ayia Napa encapsulates the dream life of most among us, offering a paradisiac landscape, majestic beaches, ideal weather, excellent cuisine and a friendly, hospitable and cosmopolitan community. These are the reasons people love spending their vacation there as often as possible, while many have also moved into the area or bought an estate to spend more time during the year.

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