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Ok, we admit that an article under the title “Reasons not to visit Cyprus this Summer” would be much shorter, but it would contain one or two lines at most.

So we preferred to make it about the reasons to actually do visit Cyprus this Summer, and just focus our attention on a few major pros, like the weather and climate.

Cyprus is not the typical Mediterranean island. Being way to the east – much further than any other island and European country in the region – it blends in its Mediterranean climate several characteristics of the middle east weather, taking from the best traits of its zone and boasting one of the best climates around the globe.

Mild winters, lasting no more than two months, refreshing falls of just 30 days per year and a couple of months of spring mark the start of a 5- or 6-month summertime! Cypriots enjoy more than 300 days of sunshine per year, attracting throngs of tourists each year, mainly from colder, northern European climates, as well as from Russia, China and the States.

Since spring is already done and gone this year, maybe a few details about the weather in Cyprus from June to August may boost your determination to visit the island this year!

  • June

The dawn of June marks the “official” beginning of the summer, yet everything is already in full sway – from hotels and restaurants to beach amenities and dance venues. Jeans and jackets are almost unheard of, fans run full time, and shorts and bathing suits are the standard apparel for locals and tourists alike.

The weather is hot, but not scorching yet (except during high noon) and rain is just another word in the dictionary. Temperatures vary from 25 to 32oC during the day, and 15 - 22 oC during the night, making evenings, sunsets and midnight ventures all the more joyous and pleasant.

konnos cyprus
  • July

July’s main difference from June is its elevated levels of heat and humidity. Aside from that, weather conditions are basically the same. Sunshine is a bit more intense, and temperatures range from about 30 - 36 oC during the day to 22 - 28 in the night.

Air conditioning is required during most of the day for those who would have reasons whatsoever to spend their day inside instead under some rich shade near the beach.

Interestingly enough, locals love visiting their mountains during in July, where the cooler breezes soothe the body and refresh the spirit, before hitting the beaches again!

sea cyprus
  • August

August is the warmer month in the calendar, but not much warmer than its predecessor. The best thing, though, that makes it probably the best month to visit the island, is the drop in humidity levels.

Sunshine, naturally, since we move towards the fall, lasts a bit less too, but sunbathing a couple of hours before sunset is pure magic. While many locals take a couple of weeks for their vacation during August, tourist facilities and amenities are at their peak, and if you love trying different things and outdoor activities, August is your best pick for a visit to the island.

Still, many others will join you, so be prepared for crowded beaches and buzzy night joints! Should you prefer seclusions to wild parties and tranquillity to socialising, best opt for June.

summer cyprus

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