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You’ve found the house of your dreams and your heart is now set on moving. But first, you have to sell your current property. Selling your home can be a difficult job and sometimes you can find that your home is simply not selling or even getting any views. You’ve lived happily in that house for years so why is no one interested? Here are our top tips for making sure your house is an attractive proposition for potential buyers…

Have amazing photos

Have amazing photos

Most people will browse dozens of properties for sale, and make very quick judgements about them. If you have great photos, your property is more likely to stand out and be noticed.


Present a blank canvas

You need your viewers to be able to picture themselves living in your home. As every family is different, the best way around this is to ensure your home is decorated neutrally and that each room has a distinct purpose. You may love your bright pink feature wall in the bedroom, and your dining room has worked wonderfully as your home gym, but to get the most interest, it’s wise to put that gym gear into storage and put a table in that room. Let the viewers picture themselves enjoying family meals there, and giving that pink wall a lick of magnolia paint will go a long way!


De-clutter and keep the house tidy

Your house will feel bigger the less there is in it, so this is a great time to have a pre-move clear out. Put personal items such as family photos and sentimental knick knacks into storage, allowing the viewers to picture themselves making their own memories in your home.  A good tip is to have a friend you can trust to be totally honest with you, to view your house and let you know if anything stands out to them that should be changed. You may not even notice that door that you have to really shove to open it, or that your house smells strongly of your pets.

Price your house right

Price your house right

Unless your home is truly unique, a castle, a windmill or suchlike, ask too much and buyers will simply opt for another similar, but cheaper property. Don’t overprice your property just because you love it and are attached to it. You should also bear in mind that many people will make an offer under the asking price, so don’t expect to get the asking price, particularly if you want to sell quickly. Set your asking price a little higher and then your viewers can make lower offers and feel they are getting a bargain!


Choose a good estate agent

If you’re selling your home in the Famagusta area, do get in touch with Sweethome Estates, the leading estate agents in the area. With fair rates of commission and excellent customer service and advice, we can ensure your sale goes through as quickly and smoothly as possible.



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